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Who said sustainability can't be sexy?

Shapeless, hard to touch and certainly not sexy.  That’s how I always saw ‘eco-friendly’ fashion and also one of the main reasons I wanted to make sustainability sexy. 

On one of my visits to Paris, I discovered new organic materials that are made not only with respect for the planet, but are also amazing to feel! Finally!!

The material is an experience in itself as it sensually moves with the body. Sustainabillity never looked this hot. 

Or as one of our clients said: "This is not a T-shirt, this is pure sex!"

The Wellness T-shirt

The power of seaweed in a T-shirt

The unique properties of seaweed help to protect our skin.

The richness of essential vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and minerals helps to activate cell regeneration, which in turn can help to relieve skin diseases, reduce inflammation and soothe itchiness. 

The natural moisture level of the skin enables an active exchange of those beneficial substances between the fiber and the skin, providing a noticeable sense of wellbeing.

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Find your fit

The Designer

Processing your pre-order

The entire production process is super sustainable, from fiber to packaging.
No pollution, exploitation or child labor.
Clean and fair production also means that the entire route takes more time
from order to delivery.
Therefore no "order before 12.00, delivery tomorrow evening."
Making the fibers and weaving the fabric takes about 7 weeks.
Turning fabric into T-shirts takes about the same time.

For the first hundred orders we have a gift:
a 15-euro discount coupon that you can use with your pre-order of your T shirt.

We will keep you informed about how the production
of your new T-shirt is going.

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